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Emergency Dental Treatment

Gary Newman, DMD -  - Dentist

The Gentle Dentistry Team

The Gentle Dentistry Team

Dentist & Cosmetic Dentist located in Boca Raton, FL

Dental emergencies can have serious implications. Dr. Newman has extensive experience handling a broad array of dental emergencies so patients throughout the Boca Raton, FL, area, can get the care they need to preserve their teeth and gums and avoid serious consequences. Call the office for further guidance. Same day appointments are always offered during business hours. Dr. Newman is also available after hours on an individual basis.

Emergency Dental Treatment

What are dental emergencies?

Dental emergencies include any issue that requires immediate dental care, such as:

  • loose or broken teeth

  • lost, loose or broken fillings

  • chips and cracks in teeth

  • deep cuts in the lip or gum

  • swollen, sore or tender gums

  • broken or lost crowns

  • toothache

  • teeth that have been knocked out

Some may require immediate dental care and attention while other issues may be able to wait until the following business day for care. If you have any type of emergency, call the office immediately for further guidance.

What should I do if a tooth is knocked out?

If you have a tooth knocked out as a result of a fall, sports injury or other trauma, try to replace the tooth in the socket if possible. Otherwise, place it between your cheek and gum or, if that's not possible, place it in a glass of milk (don't touch the root). Then proceed to the dentist office or emergency room to have it replaced as quickly as possible. When a tooth in good health is replaced immediately, it may be able to be saved.

What can I do to prevent dental emergencies?

Do not abuse your teeth. They are NOT tools. Do not open bottles, cans, or pry off caps. Wear your mouth guard when participating in contact sports or other activities that could damage your teeth. Use common sense and many emergencies can be avoided.